How You Can Help During the Pandemic

Your offers to help are most appreciated! But what, you ask, do we need most?

Honestly, in these challenging times and with our costs rising and fundraisers being cancelled, your monetary donations are needed the most. If you are able, please DONATE NOW.

Looking for a few other ways that you can help our most vulnerable victims?


We are unable to take your physical donations, but you can help us to purchase the necessary items to keep our residential programs open. Here are some easy ways to donate food and supplies:

Donate through our You Give Goods page. It’s fast and simple!

Donate Gift Cards (Amazon, Target, Shop-Rite, and Walmart).

  • Mail gift cards to JBWS, P.O. Box 1437, Morristown, NJ 07962 OR
  • Send e-gift cards by simply entering JBWS as the recipient, followed by the email address giftcards@jbws.org.


  • Help prevent a spike in domestic violence incidents due to the pandemic. Tell everyone that you know that JBWS IS STILL OPEN. Experts predict a spike in domestic violence cases during the pandemic. Make sure victims and those using abusive behaviors know that we have counselors waiting by 24/7 to assist them and provide access to safety.
  • Please watch for alerts about legislation on funding for programs that serve domestic violence victims and reach out to your legislators on our behalf.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share our social media posts.
  • Contact us at training@jbws.org to learn how JBWS can provide an online talk for your civic, community or faith-based group or professional group. Find a list of topics offered to professionals here.